About usOur Journey as a Company

Qwerty is a platform that helps students in the same classes and majors learn from one another. On Qwerty, you can ask questions to specific communities and get credible answers, advice, and resources from peers who are studying in the same fields as you. We think that Qwerty can provide value to countless students by giving them access to a constant community that has faced and solved many of the problems that they themselves will face. Whether that be picking the correct concentration in a major or figuring out how best to study for a specific test.

A couple of months ago, our two founders both found themselves disgruntled with the way student interactions in college worked. They primarily felt as though they were surrounded by hundreds of capable students in crowded lecture halls, but that they had no way of tapping into this vast knowledge network unless they had friends in the same classes; even if all they wanted was to get help with lecture notes from their peers. So, that's where we started. We initially created a website called qwertynotes.com to work as our minimum viable product. This website was designed to help students share notes with each other, help students with SDAC requirements get better notes, and compensate great note-takers for helping out. Over the span of 2 months of market testing, the platform got 300 active users and over 180 transactions across 212 sets of notes posted in over 32 classes. But, we knew that there was something we were missing. That's when the Qwerty community and app was born.